Locksmithing practice is not only limited to performing only two kinds of operation first is the lock installation and the second is the lock removal, it is much beyond these two actions. A locksmith is better known for performing various kinds of actions that are mainly covered under locksmithing, some of which are lock installation, lock removal, lock picking methods, lock bypass methods, key cutting practices, regular security maintenance, and many others. Today people feel safe and relax and the reason for this is the locksmith. They are trained to perform the security-specific operation, they know after food and shelter, security is the much-needed thing for a common man. People of this modern century are completely relying on a locksmith for their security. Today with the onset of modernization locksmiths also try to utilize modern technology for securing others’ life, and modern tools, digital configuration-based locks are the best example of modern technology. Locksmith Fort Lauderdale is in favor of using an automatic locking system over a manual locking system.