Suppose people have a habit of losing their lock keys. What does this mean that every time to move inside of the property they have to break the old lock and install new in its place? theoretically, it can seem alright but if you think practically it is not possible. Such practice can easily hit you hard on your pocket. “Then what would be the solution for this” generally people ask locksmith brooklyn. In such a situation locksmith then suggest the use of an interchangeable core-based locking system. It is the new technology in which there is no need to dismantle and replace the whole lock body.

The only thing people can do is replacing the old core with the new one. As all know working of lock is only dependable on a core that is fitted inside of the lock body. For core removal, you require special key different to that used for locking unlocking. Such practice can save your money by using the same lock even after losing your keys.