It is common to know that modern locksmiths are beginning to shift their interest from manual locking to the digital or electronic-based locking system. Nowadays in this modern age, there are still three different types of electronic locks most commonly used by locksmiths these are biometric locking, personal identification number-based locking system, and uncomplicated electric lock. In simple electrical locking, magnetic chip card-based security is the best example of a simple electrical locking system. Now in this 21st century locksmiths never want to stop here they move one step ahead in the world of security systems by introducing artificial intelligence-based locking systems.

Such locks perform locking unlocking through the face recognition method. The locksmith still working on it and according to locksmith Iselin nj, it is the future of current security. The very big benefit of digital locking is that it is not possible to bypass such locks unless or until somebody destroys them by using strong explosives.